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Which doctor you will see or how soon you should go to the appointment can be confusing at first.

However, most clinics are open certain times of days.

Most doctors don’t stick around after hours for emergencies, but things like sick visits and cosmetic surgeries usually happen between 9:00a.m. and 3:30p.m., Monday through Friday.

Some urgent care centers are open evenings and weekends, so if you need something now it won’t wait until tomorrow.

These offices also often have extended opening hours than traditional clinics, making them more convenient.

You may still need to schedule an appointment to get in. If there is no one available to check your name upon entrance, then someone else might call and ask what you were looking for.

Find which clinic is right for you

My Marshfield Clinic appointments

Before you visit any clinic, make sure that it is a known good place with many highly trained professionals. You want to keep your safety as we control what they do and don’t offer services. We also choose our patients very carefully.

Finding a doctor can be difficult some times but there are ways to find out about their practices and how long they has been in business.

Check reviews online and see what people have recommended about the practice. If someone does not accept insurance then check if another practice accepts health benefits plans so you can still get care without going through your own funds.

I would recommend that whenever possible try to schedule an appointment with a physician who specializes in something you are concerned about. This may sound bizarre expressed this way, but anything you say or show up at the clinic should be from a specific medical diagnosis.

Clinicians know their area well and will be able to give you tips on how to improve your symptoms once you arrive. It is always stressful when you are getting checked out by a clinician but you took time to discuss your concerns during your first appt.

Call to see if they are open

My Marshfield Clinic appointments

Most clinics are open certain days of the week. You will want to call the clinic to make sure it is going to be open when you need to schedule an appointment.

Some clinics keep different hours for men and women. If you are unsure about what time your appointment is, or if it is male-only or female-only, check online.

Also look for places that may have alternate entrances/exits for walk-in patients. These are often easier queues than those with appointments.

If you need help finding our contact information, take a few minutes to search this website. You can also call us at 1-877-223-6024.

Make an appointment

My Marshfield Clinic appointments

Finding out information about your health can be difficult, which is why we have doctors and specialists. They are all over the place (well, actually everywhere!) helping you cure what ails you.

One of the hardest things for people to understand about medicine is that it’s not something you can just do if you want to get better. Medicine is meant to help fix issues in your body that may need fixing.

If you feel sick or hurt, then you should probably make an appointment with a doctor. Now, don’t worry; they will review everything you’re feeling and diagnose your issue first before seeing them.

After that, they’ll give you a plan that includes medication and maybe some extra help to keep yourself healthy.

At this stage, everyone wants to know “What’s wrong?” and your doctor would like to know too!

So how does she find out what’s making you sick? By taking notes during the visit on both you and your symptoms. This way she has a path to take from start to finish.

She’ll also ask questions along the way to make sure you’re coming in for valid reasons and aren’t looking for any particular diagnosis.

These are always important questions and ones that every patient needs to ask themselves prior to their appointments.

Talk to your doctor

My Marshfield Clinic appointments

Before you make any appointments at our clinic, we recommend that you talk to your family physician or health care provider about getting checkups including blood tests. They also can advise you what sorts of tests they suggest for specific problems.

You should be able to get all your medical records sent to us, so that we can better assess your case and give you an appointment.

Note which symptoms have concerned you the most throughout your pregnancy and bring these with you to your appointment. Your doctor will work together with yours to determine whether additional testing is needed and how often it needs to happen.

They may decide this happens later in your pregnancy or may even refer you to another obstetrician/gynecologist who specializes in fertility issues.

This doctor can help you deal with emotionally related conditions as well as medically relevant matters such as pain medication and dietary restrictions. Both you and your baby are under extra hormonal influence during this time, so everything is more reactive now.

Go to your appointment

My Marshfield Clinic appointments

You should arrive at least 15 minutes before your appointment, so please be timely. If you are running late, do not worry; my clinic staff will help you get resolved. I personally handle hundreds of calls about being five minutes or more late for appointments every week.

Most times, they are only slightly early (only by few minutes). I usually tell people that I will reschedule their appointment for no reason if they are just one minute late. It is better to be 10 minutes late than 60 minutes late.

I also read comments about how frustrated they were about being asked to come in early or to call to cancel an appointment. We can’t always give customers what they want but we try where possible.

My advice? Try not to go into the appointment knowing why you are there or with a focused plan. Consultation is about communicating information back and forth between doctor and patient. There’s too much communication going on as it is. Adding another level of communication through you could make things confusing.

Instead, focus on the purpose of the visit while making suggestions about treatment options and reasons why those solutions might work. Let the doctor know what you have noticed or how you have been feeling since your last visit.

And most of all, have fun and feel relaxed—the visit shall soon be over.

Do not miss your appointment

My Marshfield Clinic appointments

It is the doctor’s responsibility to explain to you what has been done to ensure your care, why things have or haven’t worked, and how to avoid additional health problems down the line. It is also the clinic’s job to receive new patients and bring them into continuity of care.

You should understand that it takes time to get seen by a primary healthcare physician. Already stressed out from illness or injury, you now have to make an appointment when you feel better?

Not enough informationShowing up for an appointment without calling first will create extra work for the doctors and nurses who are already trying to see all their appointments. Also, remember that this is someone’s full-time job!

Ask around about the physicians before you call to make sure they’re accepting patients with insurance policies you have. You can ask frontdesk staff whether they know if anyone has contacted the office in reference to your diagnosis; they are usually required to tell you if customers have made an appointment.

Take your medications as recommended

My Marshfield Clinic appointments

Medications are one of the most important things that you can take to be healthy, but this should not mean that you simply accept what someone gives you.

It is up to you to understand the importance of taking them at appropriate times, but more importantly, for how long.

You must know when to stop taking them if something bad happens (such as an unwanted reaction) or when to start if something new needs testing (like a newly developed medication).

Be aware that there are many people out there who only wish to help you. They may have ideas or suggestions about treatments, protocols, drugs, etc.

These are things they believe will help improve your health or symptoms by looking at research and information elsewhere.

Keep in mind that nothing is guaranteed; there’s no such thing as a sure bet. Don’t put yourself at risk of not having enough time to relax and think through all the different options.

Bring your supplies for your appointment

My Marshfield Clinic appointments

Make sure to have all necessary materials prepared for your visit, including any medical documents that relates to your health. You will need to make an effort to find time to have this printed and delivered to you before your appointment.

Some things to keep in mind include :

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