Popular Health Insurance Companies

Blue Cross

Popular Health Insurance Companies

If you look through the health insurance policies provided by most companies, you will find that they all have some specific benefits included. However, if you want to be sure you are getting what you pay for, there is only one company which stands out from the rest – BC/BS.

BC/BS has several standard plans; however, any plan with “Blue” in the name includes specialty pharmacy (also known as outpatient prescription drug coverage) and it is easy to see why people choose this provider.

Their basic silver level plan comes at a price of $200 per month, while their premier bronze level policy costs $250 per month. Both of these cost quite a bit more than other options in the market today; however, this does mean higher quality healthcare.

There are also additional benefits included in each package, including free transportation to and from your doctor’s appointment and low-cost speech therapy. All of the policies include dental insurance, which isn’t always a feature of cheaper policies.

As you can see, when it comes to choosing a health insurance plan, knowing who offers what products is very important. By being aware of every detail about each type of policy, you will know how to get the best deal and still receive quality care!

Empire Blue Cross


If you live in the northeast, you probably know of this company by its former name, Group Hospitalized Life Insurance (GHL). It is one of the most popular health insurance companies for several reasons.

For one thing, it offers very low premiums. For example, compare how much money you would spend paying out of pocket after losing coverage to how much you might pay in monthly premiums if you have family coverage. And although they do not offer as many benefits as some other insurers, these are still growing over time and becoming more reliable.

Another reason people like GBL is because it has always been there for them. Even during economic downturns, GBL has offered consistent policies that have included patient protections with the ability to use health savings accounts.

These were things that my wife and I enjoyed years ago when we had healthcare through GBL; however, all plans now include the ACA provisions including minimum essential coverage and tax credits to help cover costs.

We elected to add our son to our plan for just such a situation where we could combine taxes and minimize usage of credit cards which can be a vicious cycle.

GBL started off offering minimal healthcare services and options, but has evolved over time to become a decent option for those looking for basic medical care. We prefer the experience and comfort level we have having used the company for decades as well as the convenient location/hours.”

Prudential Insurance

Popular Health Insurance Companies

If you want to find affordable health insurance, you can’t go wrong with Prudential. Despite being one of the biggest insurers in the world, they offer quality healthcare at unbelievable prices.

Not only do they offer preventative care such as doctor visits and vaccinations, but they also provide urgent care such as nurse visits and hospitalizations.

Prudential offers these services across their worldwide network of clinics so patients get the same high-quality care everywhere they go.

They just try to keep overhead low so people can actually receive good medical treatment for cheap.

United Healthcare

Popular Health Insurance Companies

If you work in the public sector, there’s a good chance you are covered by your employer. Otherwise, it can be difficult to get public insurance because of the limited scope of coverage. With this kind of insurance, costs are controlled by government budgets, which means premiums are lower than those paid by for-profit companies.

United is one of the largest health insurers in the country. It covers millions of people under its individual policies, as well as unions and employers.

It also has multiple brands including Aetna and USHealth. They have been around since 1920, making them a veteran in the industry.

However, recent research shows that even with these relationships, they may not be offering the best deals. This information could help you determine if you should switch providers.

Kaiser Permanente

Popular Health Insurance Companies

With over half of their customers falling in the lower cost tier, Kaisercard’s traditional premiums were often the lowest of all credit-based programs. But this is not part of their mission to provide excellent health care.

A large portion of their customer base works very hard each day to avoid going to the doctor but still get sick. By having numerous patient assistance programs, they are able to cover a large number of patients without making everyone feel like it is impossible to take off work or spend time taking a medical history.

They also have an extensive list of educational events including lectures by experts in medicine and healthcare. And with over four hundred hospitals across the nation, there is sure to be one close to you and your family!

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